One hour was all he needed

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“Step right up!” Said the man wearing the black top hat. “Someone is burned deep into your memory and you just can’t forget them! In the past, humanity wrote poems, painted, and formed Greek statues, but now, with my new invention, the Memory Imprint Doll, patented and copyrighted in 3456 AD — You can have that girl or guy you dream of… at least for one hour! All in accordance with state, federal and galactic privacy laws, of course…”

The man wearing the top hat continued speaking on the hover-stage as Aba watched. …

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Art by the Author — Merry Xmas! And the X means….

Gaia Poetry

But Santa is a Google search, right now.

Video Project ReBrief from YouTube.

but he was definitely a red mushroom with white spots like in Super Mario Brothers on your Nintendo Switch

but Santa was a Coke bottle, too, and he went all around the world

and Jesus went with him of course

probably in a more aggressive way than we can all imagine

just Google the last 2000 years and see what comes up

like the last enclave in pagan Prussia to convert was in 1500 AD

that was 500 years ago, bra

you don’t have to believe me

everything is calmer and stuff, right now


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What is crypto? How come I don’t know? — Pic by Author. — Source: DJ Snake, Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” and Youtube.


Warning: This is not financial advice. There are referral links in this blog post. Do your due diligence when it comes to investing.

The abstract or white paper on Numerai.

NMR is hedge fund crypto ‘sumpinrather as far as I can tell!

I don’t claim to know much about crypto, but the other day, my CoinBase account said I could get a free $3 in Numerai.

I decided to take the quiz in exchange for the coins. I was thinking about converting that $3 into BitCoin, but the more I learned, the more my mind went nuclear bomb strike all over!

CoinBase defines it like this:

Numeraire or NMR is a “crypto-powered crowdsourced hedge fund.”


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Relaxing at Avanti F&B Boulder, Colorado. Pic by Author.

Boulder Fine Cuisine

A million dollar view just for you.

During this time of Dystopia, during this time of enjoy your dinner, music and entertainment while being fenced inside a plastic bubble that looks like a futuristic space aged prison, it’s always nice to find a place where you can unwind like human beings ysed to do in the olden days, meaning one year ago at the time of this writing.

Restrictions being lifted on eating establishments in Boulder; you can now visit a place that will quickly help you forgot the day to day COVID19 doldrums.

Location, location, location!

Just two blocks from the Boulder bus station and around the corner from…

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Pic by Author.

Robinhood Hearings

A Gosh Darn Perspective

Be advised. The opinion of the author is not necessarily representative of the opinion of the Publisher.

Youtube and CNBC

Is Robinhood Gamification of the Stock Market?

Source: YouTube and CNBC

“Confetti” and lotto “scratch-off tickets”, referral links, the “design” of the Robinhood app to be more slick than anything Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade could ever come up with?

But, in almost the same breadth, Bravo! to Robinhood for leveling the playing field. Yay! for the little man making a kajillion dollars and Huurrah! for the “democratization” of finances!

But “Roaring Kitty” is still bullish on GameStop.

Do you swear on the Bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but…?

Do they even have a Bible during congressional hearings…

At least he would have a job for a little while

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Just me and Aeon were up there. Aeon went crazy while up in the company CV-SHIP90. The first of its kind for picking up space junk, like dead satellites, you know what I mean?

That CV though, I’m sure it could’ve been used for something more important like deep-space because one, its Gravity Force 3000 floor panels, two, its cloud software server, and, three, the outside coating with that new element discovered deep down in a dry Texas lakebed five years ago. You probably read about it in Scientific American like I did, but this ship can withstand heat and…

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When there you will find the menu on your phone!

Boulder Cuisine

During Covid-19.

Nearly at the foot of the mountains you will find a bright-lit spot with outdoor seating at the hub of the “block party” that has become the last block of Pearl St. before you reach 9th.

What should you do if you are lucky enough to land a table on a Friday, Saturday Night or an early Sunday afternoon?

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Slogans you might see at Murphy’s — “When the going gets tough, everyone leaves!”

Colorado Cuisine

Don’t worry… They have vegetarian options too!

Are you interested in finding a friendly Covid-organized restaurant to eat at during this winter? Where the bartender even remembers which beer you ordered last time you were there?

Well, I found the perfect place in North Boulder and it’s right off Iris and 28th Street, called Murphy’s, and it’s a great place to go for a beer and some grub!

Apparently they’ve only been re-opened for a month, at the time of this writing, but they are spacious enough with booth seating, table seating and bar seating.

The bar itself has it’s bar stool seating closed off, but there…

YouTube Fail Compilations

Number 7 is Totally Cray!

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We all like watching babies laughing, kittens climbing into empty cereal boxes and puppies rolling down a hill on YouTube, but what about the “freeky” stuff? Where’s it at?

1. Ultimate Public Freak Out Compilations

Do you want to see what happens on public transportation? In Walmart aisles? Down at school gyms? Malls? Parks? And in parking lots late at night all over the country? Then you need to search for “Ultimate Public Freakout Compilations” on YouTube where people videotape fights, riots and freak outs in public places.

Our favorite “freakout” is people on crack at gas stations who are…

Evan Hundhausen

Creative Rebel — Promethean Fictive — Buy his short story stories at

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