Star Wars

Did you know Joseph Campbell said George Lucas was the best student he ever had?

Joe Campbell wrote books about the influence of myths.

This guy Campbell researched ancient religions, tribes, and all their stories from long ago.

Another man named Bill Moyers did a whole series on PBS years ago about the subject of “myth” and even interviewed Joseph Campbell. The show and book is simply called The Power of Myth.

Basically, my point is Campbell’s books are very important to anyone who considers themselves a writer.

For example, have you heard of the hero’s journey? There’s usually a hero, some wise old sage he learns from to help the hero get the insight…

One hour was all he needed

Image public domain, courtesy of, modified from original.

“Step right up!” Said the man wearing the black top hat. “Someone is burned deep into your memory and you just can’t forget them! In the past, humanity wrote poems, painted, and formed Greek statues, but now, with my new invention, the Memory Imprint Doll, patented and copyrighted in 3456 AD — You can have that girl or guy you dream of… at least for one hour! All in accordance with state, federal and galactic privacy laws, of course…”

The man wearing the top hat continued speaking on the hover-stage as Aba watched. …

Art by the Author — Merry Xmas! And the X means….

Gaia Poetry

But Santa is a Google search, right now.

Video Project ReBrief from YouTube.

but he was definitely a red mushroom with white spots like in Super Mario Brothers on your Nintendo Switch

but Santa was a Coke bottle, too, and he went all around the world

and Jesus went with him of course

probably in a more aggressive way than we can all imagine

just Google the last 2000 years and see what comes up

like the last enclave in pagan Prussia to convert was in 1500 AD

that was 500 years ago, bra

you don’t have to believe me

everything is calmer and stuff, right now



Then you’re allowed to party

Art by the Author.

You can have guests at your house,

You can kiss your spouse,

You can walk, jog, bike and hike without an N-95 mask,

But what about other important tasks?

Keep in mind,

You should keep to yourself,

Because this is how you avoid dire,

Harmful risks,

To your health.

But don’t feel nervous,



Or freaked out.

The history books,

Written in the future,

Will surely explain to us,

What the Covid-19 Pandemic,

Was all about.

Evan Hundhausen is a writer and you can find his short story collection published on Amazon.

Nor average entrepreneur for that matter

Art by Author.

Sarabeth Berk Ph.D. wrote the book More Than My Title: The Power of Hybrid Professionals in a Workforce of Experts and Generalists. Her book has been mentioned in Forbes in an article titled The New Career Cycle Is Here… And It Looks Vastly Different. Ready? by Dawn Graham.

Sarabeth is no joke when it comes to work and identity. I mean, she’s even done a TEDx Talk.

Source: TEDX Talks on YouTube.

What’s in a Hybrid?

Sarabeth does something vastly different from what other people do when it comes to networking and everyday conversation — she never shies away from calling herself a hybrid…

The movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ starring Bruce Lee may know best

“Balloon Are Happy” Photo by the Author.

In a movie called Enter the Dragon the famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee says, “Kick me!” to his student.

Then Bruce says the student should feel and not think. This line is famous and you can find many memes and GIFs of it online.

Source Dolphwin on YouTube

Most likely it’s because the student in the movie has already learned how to kick and now it’s time for him to stop thinking about the “how” and to start feeling the “kick.” …


The story goes like this

“Belgian Beer” Photo by the Author

I was at a resort with my family in Cozumel, Mexico once. There you can drink when you’re 18.

Other youngsters my brother and I met during the trip would hang out by the pool and the beach at this all inclusive resort drinking every single night. I even got a hangover and vomited when we hiked out one morning to a cave to go snorkeling.

There were a couple men from Belgium there who were loud and partying hard the whole week. …


Writer’s block on Medium is no normal writer’s block

“Pencils” Art by the Author

Normal writer’s block is like a typical character in a movie. The actor or actress types into a typewriter, then stops and thinks for second, shakes their head back and forth “no” with a frown.

Source GIF on Tenor by Kostism

Then they pull the page out with two hands, crumple it up, and toss it towards a small trashcan, but miss.

My writing life isn’t like this at all, though.

My writing life is digital like yours!

Publish Now

Medium grants us an instant “publishing” button, so there’s no waiting around for some dorky nerdy editor to reject it. …


Number 7 will blow your mind

“My Wrist Jewelry” Photo by the Author

You’re probably thinking that if I wear man jewelry then I must have tattoos, I must wear obnoxious colored hats and suits, and maybe I put on makeup, too. Black eyeliner? I would totally try that! But no, I just wear two bracelets and two necklaces.

What am I wearing?

The bracelets I wear, I wear both on my left wrist. Why on my left wrist? Keeps my right arm free of obstruction I guess.

Ring, Ring, Ring!

I never got into rings and I never bought one when they were available to me from ending high school or college…


I never heard of the word “diarist” until today

Art by the Author

A diarist is “one who writes a diary,” so I guess this is what I am because I own almost a dozen diaries or journals myself.

I started getting journals as presents from my dad a long time ago. Every birthday or Christmas or at random he’d send me one because I’m a writer.

I’ve also collected journals from friends who suddenly wanted to get rid of all their books and I just happened to show up at the right time to swoop them all up! …

Evan Hundhausen

Creative Rebel — Promethean Fictive — Buy his short story stories at

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