Star Wars

Did you know Joseph Campbell said George Lucas was the best student he ever had?

Joe Campbell wrote books about the influence of myths.

This guy Campbell researched ancient religions, tribes, and all their stories from long ago.

Another man named Bill Moyers did a whole series on PBS years ago about the subject of “myth” and even interviewed Joseph Campbell. …

One hour was all he needed

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“S“Step right up!” Said the man wearing the black top hat. “Someone is burned deep into your memory and you just can’t forget them! In the past, humanity wrote poems, painted, and formed Greek statues, but now, with my new invention, the Memory Imprint Doll, patented and copyrighted in 3456…

Art by the Author — Merry Xmas! And the X means….

Gaia Poetry

But Santa is a Google search, right now.

Video Project ReBrief from YouTube.

but he was definitely a red mushroom with white spots like in Super Mario Brothers on your Nintendo Switch

but Santa was a Coke bottle, too, and he went all around the world

and Jesus went with him of course

probably in a more aggressive…


A bass player, guitarist and singer for the band “Tenth Mountain Division”

Copyright 2022. TMD Band, Flash Mountain Flood and Z2 Entertaiment.

Disclaimer: We talk about beer and alcohol in this blog post. Are you over 21, bruh?

Andrew Cooney is a singer and member of the band Tenth Mountain Division.

We met him singing his original music and even cover songs over at Rosetta Hall this past Tuesday. He caught our…


Nuke’s Top 5 will give you the chills

Source: Art by the Author.

It’s not a secret that I spend way too much time on YouTube, but lately the most interesting and entertaining vids I’ve seen come from a paranormal channel.

When you don’t have to scroll for them yourself it’s nice

Nuke’s Top 5 puts together the scariest ghost vids from all over the world, from emails he receives and channels on YouTube…

Evan Hundhausen

Creative Rebel — Promethean Fictive — Buy his short story stories at

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