Have You Heard the One about the Moose Falling into a Basement in Summit County?

Read this moose story with some fun moose facts added

Evan Hundhausen
2 min readAug 2, 2022

-- 2022.

In Summit County, Colorado, Back in January of 2022, a Moose fell into a house through a window well.

Antlers and all, it found itself in a basement and broke a pool table there.

Frightened it went to the bathroom all over the carpet and scratched its antlers and hooves against the walls.

A team of rescuers tried to woo it up some stairs, but in the end they had to use a trank and make it nap. Then 10 people lifted it up the stairwell, but unfortunately, they had to saw off the antlers to get it out of the dwelling, but a moose at this age loses his antlers naturally anyway they reported.

The windowell was covered in snow and the moose was munching on some shrubs or plants when it fell in and broke into the house.

The poor thing’s antlers were left by the rescuers under the christmas tree for the owners of the abode as a gift from the harrowing experience.

More about the Moose

Did you know Elk and Moose are the same? knows this is confusing and they laid it out for all of us.

Fun Moose Facts

The Scientific name is “Alces alces.” There are more moose in Sweden than anywhere else in the world. The predators of Moose are humans, wolves and bears.

Moose in European

“The Swedish word for Moose is Älg,” explains on their website.

They also say American Elk and European Elk are different and have the pics to prove it.

“European Elk, also called European Moose, which is the same species as the American Moose. This is not the same species as the American Elk.” from “Facts About the Moose at


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